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Learn more about Attention Ink and our commitment to quality and customer service. As a local, military-owned business that has been serving the Fayetteville, NC area for over 20 years, we take our reputation seriously.

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We realize that customers have many options for their screen-printing needs. And in today’s society, customers want to do business with companies that share their values. So we figured we would share ours so that you understand exactly who you are partnering with.


Attention Ink (formerly known as Pro Sport Graphics) has been in business since 2003. In 2008 it was re-named Attention Ink. With new and existing customers, our priority is to make them feel welcome, valued, and part of our family. Our customers return to us time and time again. Many that have been using us since it all began in 2003 because we value the relationships, provide exceptional customer service and top quality products. They trust and understand that we put the relationship above all else.

Fort Liberty Soldiers move all around the world and still call us back to ship them goods. That means a lot to us. We aren’t the cheapest. To provide the best experience to our customers and our staff and to provide the best quality products, we can’t be, but we care about those we serve.


We are a community driven organization. Attention Ink does work for schools, churches, and many other charitable organizations. We sponsor events that give back to soldiers, the homeless, and others in need. We are indebted to those around us and are always willing to help the surrounding communities however we can. If you have an idea, please share it with us.

In addition to supporting efforts to help others, we understand the critical role that small businesses play in the local economy. We make a concerted effort to reciprocate by supporting local business by shopping and eating at local establishments as often as is possible. We strive to be a pillar in the community.


Our customer deserve the best. We are constantly re-investing to upgrade equipment, inks, and processes to get you only the best. We have one of the most modern print shops in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas and have been printing for over 20 years. We are designed to handle small 1 item orders to large orders 1,000+ item orders with no degradation in quality. No product leaves the store without rigorous quality control checks.

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